How to protect our lungs?

The cold and dry pathogens in autumn are most likely to injure the human lungs and are the onset of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma. Therefore, nourishing the lungs and protecting the lungs is the key to health preservation in autumn. Some scientists have counted that as an adult, he inhales 10,000 liters of air every day. Such a large amount of exchange can fully meet the normal metabolic needs of the body. But this does not mean that our lungs will never get sick.
The lungs are also very fragile. If you work in a dangerous environment for a long time, your lungs will gradually get hurt. Some external or internal factors can easily cause damage to our lungs and require our attention.

Stay away from tobacco (including second-hand smoke)
You may already know that smoking increases the risk of lung cancer, but this is not the only disease it can cause. Smoking is associated with most lung diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and asthma. Smoking makes these diseases worse. In the process of smoking, the harmful substances in tobacco are obtained, and a variety of carcinogens in it are easy to cause damage to the lungs.
Every time you smoke, you will inhale thousands of chemicals in your lungs. These toxins can damage your lungs. They increase mucus, make it harder for the lungs to clean themselves, and cause tissue inflammation. Gradually, the airway narrows and it becomes more difficult to breathe.
The American Lung Association (ALA) states: Within 12 hours of quitting smoking, your blood carbon monoxide level will drop to a normal level. Within a few months, your lung function begins to improve. Within a year, your risk of coronary heart disease will be reduced to half that of smokers. Also, the longer it takes to stay smoke-free, the better.
To improve lung function, the most reasonable way is to stay away from tobacco. Avoid smoking or quit smoking, stay away from smoking places as much as possible, and avoid inhaling second-hand smoke.

Pay attention to weather changes and avoid exposure to pollutants
Try not to go out in the haze weather. Even if you go out, you must take protective measures and wear a mask to reduce the inhalation of harmful substances. Environmental pollution is getting more and more serious, especially people living in some big cities, inhaling air containing various pollutants every day, causing lung damage and accelerating aging. As we age, the resistance of the lungs will decrease and become more susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and harmful pollutants. Some measures can be taken to reduce exposure as much as possible. In addition, many people spend more time indoors due to work and study reasons. They also increase the seriousness of indoor pollution without frequent opening windows for ventilation. Oxygen therapy can be performed at home to promote lung cell activity.

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Exercise regularly
Exercise more, breathe fresh air and enhance your physical fitness. Exercise is an important way to promote lung health. It can not only increase lung capacity and strengthen the function of the lungs to exchange gas, but also improve the blood circulation of the lungs and promote the metabolism of alveolar cells. Aerobic exercise can increase the breathing rate from 15 to more than 40 breaths per minute, which will provide your lungs with the best opportunities for exercise. Regular exercise will make your lungs stronger, help you better fight disease, and even delay aging.
Many people usually sit still for a long time and do not have any amount of exercise. Long-term lack of exercise is not good for the improvement of lung function, it may make the lung capacity smaller, and it is not conducive to the circulation of the lungs. Frequent deep breathing during exercise can achieve the effect of expanding the lungs, improving lung function, providing fresh oxygen, and accelerating local blood circulation, providing nutrients in time to nourish the lungs, which greatly improves lung function helpful.

Eat more foods that nourish the lungs 
The evil of wind and cold in autumn is most likely to invade human lungs, causing the occurrence or aggravation of respiratory diseases such as cough and asthma. People are prone to symptoms such as dry mouth and nose, cough, itchy throat, and constipation. Therefore, in autumn, you should eat less spicy and stimulating food, and eat more vegetables, fruits, and vitamin-rich foods. Do not eat too greasy, fishy, raw, and cold foods to moisturize the lungs. Department.

Laugh often
Adhere to good living habits, the body can naturally maintain health, otherwise, long-term wrong behavior will cause lung damage, and human health will be threatened after the disease occurs quietly. "Laughter" is the cheapest and most effective way to nourish the lungs. Laughter can expand the chest muscles, increase lung capacity, regulate the body's gas, relieve fatigue, relieve chest tightness, and help better restore the mental state.

Especially during morning exercises, if you laugh, you can inhale a lot of fresh air in your lungs, expel bad gas, help blood circulation, and help stabilize your mood. Excessive and prolonged sadness is most likely to hurt the lungs. Nowadays, it has been proven in medicine that people who are often sad are most likely to suffer from external diseases and other diseases. In the fall, some elderly people are prone to sadness in the face of fallen leaves and dead grass in autumn, which leads to a decrease in resistance to diseases and aggravation of respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Active deep breathing and assisted coughing
Find a park or forest with fresh air, take a deep breath to promote the exchange of lungs, and cough slowly and gently. Active coughing helps the discharge of sputum in the lungs. Coughing is the main way to detoxify the lungs. Therefore, if we have the sensation of coughing, we must take the initiative to assist the cough and promote the discharge of sputum.
At the same time, deep breathing helps to clean the lungs and promote the full exchange of oxygen. In life, you can stand in front of the window every morning when you get up, inhale the fresh air, exhale muddy air, and expand your abdomen to the maximum under your inhalation, which is beneficial to lung health.

We hope that everyone can protect their lungs and not let them get hurt. Only if you have a good body can you appreciate the good food around you. Thank you for reading.