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Oxygenvip has the only cooperative supplier, committed to providing customers with the best and most economical oxygen machine! Since it is sold directly to customers, it can guarantee you receive the cheapest and high-quality machines and refuse to sell refurbished ones!

Professional Customer Service Team

Our team pays attention to the customer's experience with the product and maintains continuous communication with customers. You can contact us at any time if you have any questions. Welcome to ask questions! Email:info@oxygenmachinevip.com

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The machine enjoys free transportation. We cooperate with large logistics carriers such as Fedex/UPS/DHL to ensure the product can be delivered quickly and safely to your hands.

Oxygen Concentrator: About 3-5 business days shipping

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Thank you for making such a wonderful machine. I can't believe how much better I felt after a 15-minute session with 90% oxygen. I could feel my brain and the rest of my body becoming fully hydrated. Afterward, I felt younger. This is such a blessing.

Charles Dobbins

Oxygenvip really helped me. Just when I was worried that I would not have enough money to buy an oxygen machine, someone recommended oxygenvip to me. I am really grateful.

Shirin Kooros

Great product to work with. With the help of customer service, I chose the oxygen machine that suits me, so that every time I see someone like me, I will say it all over again.

Jim Clift

Well, I ordered it from Oxygenvip, it helps my husband get out of breath easily. I'll let people know how it works well, and I will recommend this company to people who can't afford an oxygen concentrator.

Sheri Smart

It is a great value for the price. Very easy to operate and change from battery to car or home plug-in use. It keeps my oxygen level up to where it should be and is easily carried over the shoulder with the convenient carry bag. It is fine for traveling .

Kenneth E Patey

Absolutely thrilled with my purchase from OxygenVIP! The product is incredibly lightweight and easy to use, exceeding my expectations. It is definitely worth every penny spent. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to OxygenVIP for delivering such a fantastic product.

Phillip Lutz

Closer To Nature

Oxygenvip focuses on research and development, provides low-cost oxygen generators that most people can afford, and enables more people with breathing problems to have the ability to own an oxygen generator of their own. This is the direction of our efforts f you need oxygen, we will always be there

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