Self-test,your lungs may be facing these dangers

The lung is an important organ of human breathing, in charge of the filtration and metabolism of breathing gas, but it is also the most "delicate" organ and the most vulnerable line of defense of the human body. Many risk factors can lead to the occurrence of respiratory diseases, and we may survive these risk factors every day.

What factors may cause lung disease? This is a topic worth exploring.

1. Air pollution
Although many people still believe that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer, more and more scientific studies have shown that the increasing incidence of lung cancer is also related to air pollution.

This is because inhaling the PM2.5 contained in the polluted air may affect the normal operation of lung function and cause the problem of pulmonary fibrosis. In severe cases, it may also cause ventilatory dysfunction of the alveoli. Over time, the function of the lungs will decline, causing serious organic diseases and even lung cancer.

The main source of pm2.5

  • Industry, transportation and power generation.
  • Biomass burning and smoking

Many studies have shown that short-term exposure to higher concentrations of pm2.5 will increase asthma attacks and make chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients worse in a short time.

Some people who have lung diseases will worsen the condition in such an environment. It is recommended to buy an oxygen machine for oxygen therapy. The time of oxygen therapy depends on the needs of the disease to help the lungs get fresh and clean oxygen.  Effectively alleviate the discomfort caused by lung diseases, and lead a healthier life.

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Smoking is a common cause of lung cancer. Compared with non-smokers, the risk of lung cancer in smokers is significantly higher by about 20 times. . In addition, non-smokers, if they smoke secondhand smoke, or have long-term exposure to secondhand smoke due to environmental factors, will be more harmful to the lungs than smoking themselves. It is a fact that smoking causes great damage to the lungs. Smoking can significantly increase the incidence of chronic bronchitis, even reaching 2 to 4 times that of non-smokers. The incidence of lung cancer may even be 4 to 10 times higher.

3. Poor quality cooking oil
The survey found that among the risk factors for lung cancer in non-smokers, most women live in an environment of cooking oil fume for a long time, or use some low-quality oil that contains free fatty acids, has been stored for too long, ketones and aldehydes. When cooking, when the oil temperature is too high, harmful gases are more volatile. Clear tests are showing that soot particles have a risk of lung cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to turn on the cooker hood when cooking, reduce frying cooking methods, and use more cooking.

4. Inhaled allergens.
You may not have heard of this term, but it is everywhere. If we understand it as an allergen, it may be more vivid.
The types and quantities of this inhaled allergen are constantly increasing. For example, house dust mites are the most common allergen, and they are very common on carpets and curtains. In addition, allergens will increase correspondingly among households with pets. Pollen spores produced by trees and even plants in the air can also cause allergies.
These pathogens may increase the risk of respiratory diseases and are important risk factors for respiratory diseases.

The lungs are an important place for material exchange between the human body and the external environment. If you do not pay attention to these, the decline of body mass and the occurrence of lung diseases will follow. Hope that each of us can protect our lungs and bring ourselves fresh oxygen.
Thank you for reading. The next blog post will discuss with you how to raise our lungs.