Don't let your lungs “see nothing"!

Nowadays, some occupationally specific groups of people, such as those working in coal mines, decoration, etc., are exposed to and inhale a large amount of dust every day. Due to long-term inhalation of these harmful dust, the lungs are gradually affected, and the impact is great. In most cases, it is irreversible and eventually leads to pulmonary fibrosis. With longer and longer exposure to dust, the risk of developing pneumoconiosis increases.

There are many early symptoms of pneumoconiosis, and you need to pay more attention, such as common symptoms: cough, sputum, difficulty breathing, etc. Then when there are these symptoms, people don't care, and they don't notice until they become serious later. After suffering, the body and life will be greatly affected.

So how to effectively protect it?

First of all, protect yourself when you work and reduce the inhalation of dust or dust. For example, wear a safety helmet, wear a special dust mask, and a mask. After you go home, in order to avoid the second inhalation of dust or dust, you should take timely measures. Change work clothes, pay attention to your own hygiene, and take a bath frequently.

Secondly, it is necessary to arrange a hospital physical examination on a regular basis. Nowadays, many organizations also arrange physical examinations on a regular basis.

In normal diets, eat more foods that are good for the lungs, such as kiwi, grapefruit, milk, and yams, and advocate a healthy diet. These foods are rich in nutrients and can improve the elasticity of the lungs.

In addition, you can buy a low-flow, low-concentration oxygen machine to inhale clean and fresh oxygen. While inhaling oxygen, the fresh oxygen can also make us feel relaxed.

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Hope everyone can pay more attention in daily life to protect their lungs.