Ways to protect hearing

First, stay optimistic. When a person is emotional, the secretion of adrenaline increases, causing spasm in the small arteries of the inner ear, and the blood flow in the small blood vessels is slow, leading to blood flow disorders. Insufficient oxygen supply in the inner ear is prone to sudden deafness.

Second, don't pick your ears casually. The skin of the external auditory canal is relatively delicate and tightly connected with the perichondrium, with less subcutaneous tissue and poor blood circulation. Improper use of force when pulling out the ear can easily cause damage and infection of the external auditory canal, resulting in swelling and inflammation of the external auditory canal, and may also damage the tympanic membrane, cause perforation of the tympanic membrane, and cause hearing loss.

Third, use caution or ban drugs that damage the auditory nerve. Before taking the medicine, you should read the drug leaflet carefully or ask your doctor whether there is ototoxicity. Those in the family with a history of ototoxicity drug allergy should take the medicine carefully.

Fourth, avoid noise exposure. Ears exposed to noise for a long time can cause noise-induced deafness, so stay away from noise.

Fifth, massage your ears frequently. Usually you can use some simple methods at home to prevent and assist treatment. Such as massage the auricle, pinch earlobe, massage Fengchi acupoint and so on. You can also sit still with your eyes closed, put your index fingers into the two ear holes, and then quickly leave the two ear holes, and do this 10 times in a row.

Sixth, adjust the diet. Eat more foods rich in zinc, iron, and calcium, which can effectively expand the capillaries, thereby promoting blood supply to the inner ear and preventing hearing loss.

Seventh, actively treat hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cerebral arteriosclerosis and diabetes. Elderly people suffering from these diseases, especially those with arteriosclerosis, are prone to impaired blood flow in the inner ear and cause sudden hearing loss.