The 5L portable machine you can't miss!

If you are looking for a 5L high-concentration oxygen machine, then you must not miss the NT-01. It can not only meet your needs indoors but also can be used outdoors, especially when you travel. It is very heavy. Light, allowing you to breathe in fresh oxygen without restriction.

It can be used on many occasions like home, car, and outing. Don't worry about lack of oxygen, take oxygen anytime and anywhere. The machine is equipped with a carrying bag to make it more convenient for you to travel.
Multiple power supply methods.Household power supply, vehicle power supply, and battery power supply.

Pulse oxygen supply. It can automatically monitor your breathing pressure and release a high concentration of 93% ± 3% oxygen. Release oxygen when you inhale, and stop oxygen when you exhale, which relieves the irritation of oxygen to the nasal cavity and improves comfort.

New upgrade and lower noise.Noise≤55 Db(A). The design team continues to upgrade the low-noise design, which does not affect your sleep quality.
5 pulse setting options and stable oxygen concentration. The machine has five gears and can provide up to 5L/min of oxygen. You can adjust it as needed. The oxygen concentration of each gear is the same, and the concentration will not decrease due to increasing the flow rate.

5L pulse flow oxygen machine NT-01