Do you know much about immunity?

Immunity is formed in the long-term evolution of human beings. The body's ability to resist external bacteria, viruses and invading foreign bodies is not formed or secreted by a single organ. It is composed of a system. People with strong immunity can resist the virus and rarely get sick. However, weak immunity is prone to infection with various diseases, which in turn will reduce immunity, resulting in a vicious circle. Therefore, we must always pay attention to stay away from the factors that lead to reduced immunity. So what are the reasons for the decline in immunity?
💁‍♀️1. Imbalanced diet
The body needs adequate nutrition to function normally and prevent weakened immunity. However, if you usually eat too much, picky eaters, eating disorderly, and irregularly, it will lead to malnutrition and ultimately reduce immunity. In addition, there are usually many complications such as weakness, hypoglycemia, and anemia.
💁‍♀️2. High psychological pressure
If a person's mood is unstable, long-term in a state of anxiety, depression, etc., it will also affect the autonomic nerve function, thereby reducing the defense ability of the immune system, and finally causing more diseases.
💁‍♀️3. Rarely exercise
During exercise, the body can accelerate blood circulation, enhance metabolism, excrete various garbage toxins, and enhance physical fitness and immunity. However, lying down or sitting still after eating will not only lead to fat body, but also reduce resistance, even a little movement of the body will cause the body's organs to function uncoordinated, panting, dizziness, weakness and other symptoms.
💁‍♀️4. Excessive fatigue
Usually staying up late for a long time leads to lack of sleep and excessive physical or mental work. It will also affect the endocrine system and immune system functions. A long time will also reduce immunity.
💁‍♀️5. Body ageing
The immunity of the human body will also gradually change with age. When the body gets older, the immunity will also decrease.
Studies have shown that oxygen inhalation has many benefits to the human body. Nowadays, air pollution is becoming more and more serious. Regular oxygen inhalation can effectively clean your own respiratory system and achieve a very good effect of regulating visceral function. It will have certain benefits for improving your own vital capacity, improving your own immunity and resistance. .
Oxygen inhalation can not only greatly reduce the chance of a variety of diseases, but also can effectively improve one's physical fitness. Supplementing Yang Qi after strenuous exercise can also eliminate fatigue and quickly restore self-strength, which is beneficial to health and longevity.
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