VARON NT-02 VS.NT-01 Oxygen Concentrator Comparison

Currently, VARON offers two exceptional 5L portable oxygen concentrators - NT-01 and upgraded NT-02. Both models are designed to provide a reliable oxygen supply, but they differ in various aspects. We compare VARON NT-01 oxygen concentrator and VARON NT-02 oxygen concentrator to help you decide which machine is best for you.

Operation Mode

The NT-01 operates on a pulse flow mode, a way of delivering oxygen based on changes in breathing rate, the oxygen is released only when the user inhales, synchronizing with their breathing patterns.
The NT-02 offers both pulse flow and 3 seconds steady oxygen supply.When no breathing is detected, the machine will switch from pulse flow to a 3-second stable oxygen supply mode to ensure a continuous supply of oxygen.
pulse flow and continuous flow

Weight and Size

The NT-01 model weighs around 6.05 lb and has dimensions of 10.63*9.84*13.36(L*W*H) inches. It comes with a backpack.
The NT-02 model is designed for ultimate convenience in terms of weight and size. It weighs approximately 4.85 lb and has compact dimensions of 7.2*3.6*10.1 (L*W*H)inches. Comes with a 3in1 carrying bag. This lightweight and compact design makes the NT-02 a perfect choice for individuals who value portability and convenience. Whether traveling or simply moving around your home, the NT-02 offers a lightweight solution without compromising performance.
varon portable oxygen concentrator nt-01 and nt-02

Battery Options

The battery configuration is another area where the NT-01 and NT-02 differ.
The NT-01 model comes with a built-in battery that is not replaceable, and the battery life is 3 hours. Since the battery is not replaceable, it is suitable for short-time oxygen therapy at home or for people who go out for a short distance.
In contrast, the NT-02 model offers an external and replaceable battery option. The single battery provides a 3.5-hour power supply, the double battery provides 6 hours power supply. This feature allows users to carry spare batteries and easily swap them out for Continuous usage, making it suitable for people who need longer durations of oxygen supply without worrying about recharging.


The NT-01 model is priced at $549. With its reliable performance and essential features, it offers excellent value for individuals seeking a cost-effective oxygen generator solution.
The NT-02 model is priced at $999, its advanced features and enhanced functionalities make it an ideal choice for those looking for additional convenience and portability. Such as the pulse and 3s steady oxygen supply mode, a smaller size, and a replaceable battery.

Side-by-Side Unit Comparison

Price $999 $549
Adjustable flow 1-5L 1-5L
Oxygen Concentration 93%±3% 93%±3%
Operate mode Pulse Mode+Auto Mode(3s) Pulse Mode
Weight 4.85 Pounds 7.05 Pounds
Dimensions 7.2*3.6*10.1(L*W*H)  10.63*9.84*13.36(L*W*H) 
Battery life

3.5H with 8-Cell Battery

6H with 16-Cell Battery

3 H
Battery External Battery,replaceable Built-in  Battery, not replaceable
Ultimately, the decision of selecting the right model depends on your specific requirements, lifestyle, and budget. Whether you opt for the NT-01 or the NT-02, you can be assured of VARON's commitment to quality and performance in providing essential oxygen support.