Hit the Road with Confidence: VT-1 Makes Travel Accessible

The VARON VT-1 is a portable oxygen concentrator designed to improve the lives of individuals with respiratory conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), sleep apnea, and other respiratory illnesses. It empowers them to travel freely and experience the joy of exploration without the limitations of traditional oxygen therapy.

Imagine the thrill of winding roads, breathtaking vistas, and adventures waiting just beyond the horizon. For many, this dream of travel is tempered by the limitations of respiratory conditions. But what if you could experience freedom and explore without restrictions? 

Car-Use Oxygen Concentrator VT-1 for High Altitude and Travel

Effortless In-Car Use

The VT-1 is more than just an oxygen concentrator; it's a key to unlocking new possibilities. Picture yourself cruising down the highway, the gentle hum of the VT-1 blending seamlessly with the car's engine. No bulky tanks, no cumbersome cords – just effortless in-car oxygen therapy delivered through a compact, user-friendly design. The intuitive screen and direct car power connection (no inverter needed!) ensure smooth operation, while the whisper-quiet technology lets you focus on the journey, not the equipment. 

How the VT-1 Works: The VT-1 utilizes pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to separate oxygen molecules from the surrounding air. This purified air is then concentrated and delivered to the user through a nasal cannula, providing the necessary supplemental oxygen for comfortable breathing.

Dual Oxygen Delivery Modes



But the VT-1 portable oxygen concentrator magic doesn't stop there. Its dual oxygen delivery modes cater to your individual needs. 

Two Modes for Personalized Experience

  • Continuous Mode:

    Provides a constant flow of oxygen at your chosen setting, ranging from 1 to 5 liters per minute (L/min). Enjoy a maximum concentration of 90±5%, ideal for continuous oxygen therapy needs. Please note that a higher flow setting might slightly decrease the concentration.
  • Pulse Mode:

    Delivers oxygen bursts synchronized with your breathing, automatically detecting your inhalation and maintaining a consistent 90±5% concentration. Choose from six flow rate levels. For added convenience, levels 1-5 automatically switch to a background oxygen supply every 3 seconds after 6 seconds of no inhalation. Level 6 provides even more frequent oxygen delivery, approximately every 1.5 seconds.

Tailored Oxygen Therapy, Simplified

Easily switch between modes at any time to find what works best for you. Generally, Continuous Mode is recommended for the most comfortable breathing experience when plugged into AC/DC power at home or in the car. However, when relying on battery power, Pulse Mode offers extended usage time. Experiment with both modes and discover your optimal setting!

Ready to conquer mountains, explore hidden gems, or simply enjoy a stress-free road trip? 

Travel-Ready Design

The VT-1 portable oxygen concentrator is your travel-ready partner. Its lightweight design (only 5.07 lbs!) and replaceable battery (optional) make it perfect for long journeys. And for those seeking high-altitude adventures, the VT-1 has you covered, providing a reliable oxygen supply up to 16,400 feet. 

Travel Convenience: The VT-1 comes with a dedicated travel bag/carrying case (whichever is applicable), making it easy to transport and protect the device during your adventures.

Product Highlights

  • Dual Oxygen Delivery Modes: Continuous and Pulse for personalized comfort and efficiency.
  • 90±5% Oxygen Concentration: Consistent oxygen levels for peace of mind.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Fits easily in most vehicles and weighs only 5.07 lbs.
  • Direct Car Power Connection: No inverter is needed, plugs directly into your car's 12V outlet.
  • Replaceable Battery (Optional): Extended use for longer journeys.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface: Easy to operate and monitor oxygen levels.
  • High-Altitude Travel: Up to 16,400 feet for breathtaking adventures.
  • Quiet Operation: ≤58dB(A) for a comfortable travel experience.

Ready to experience the freedom of travel without limitations? Explore the detailed specifications of the VT-1 portable oxygen concentrator and discover how it can transform your journey:

Technical Specifications





Power Supply

DC 12 -16.8V; AC100-240V; 50/60Hz



Battery Capacity

91 Wh/6.36Ah (Optional)

Oxygen Supply

Dual Mode Oxygen Supply

Oxygen Concentration


Dimensions in/ 24.217.315.6cm

Net Weight

5.07Ib/ 2.3kg

High-Altitude Travel

Up to 16400m feet

Noise Level



The VARON VT-1 is more than just an oxygen concentrator; it's a passport to a world of possibilities. Don't let respiratory limitations hold you back. Contact us today and learn more about how the VT-1 can unlock your freedom and fuel your wanderlust!

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