JM-C9 Adjustable 10L Oxygen Concentrator
JM-C9 Adjustable 10L Oxygen Concentrator
JM-C9 Adjustable 10L Oxygen Concentrator
JM-C9 Adjustable 10L Oxygen Concentrator

JM-C9 Adjustable 10L Oxygen Concentrator

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A. Structural features:

The product structure consists of an oxygen generator, a flow meter, a humidifier, and an atomizing interface assembly (only applicable to JMC9A Ni, JMC9B Ni models).
The accumulated timer can display the total running time of the equipment.
System operation fault detection, including pressure, low oxygen concentration, and low oxygen flow.
Compressor air pressure overpressure safety valve, to better ensure the safety of the compressor and the entire machine.
Equipped with power failure alarm function and over current protector.
Sleeve-type housing design, convenient maintenance and good noise shielding effect.

B. Oxygen making principle:
This equipment uses AC110V power source as the power source, air as the raw material, high-quality and efficient molecular sieve, and PSA method at normal temperature to produce high-purity oxygen that meets medical standards and can continuously supply oxygen.

1. Maximum recommended flow: 10L / min
2. Flow range at nominal outlet pressure of 7kPa: 0.5 ~ 10L / min
3. When a back pressure of 7kPa is applied, the maximum recommended flow change should be
within ± 10% of the specified value.
4. Oxygen concentration value when the outlet nominal pressure is zero (30 minutes after initial start-up, the specified oxygen concentration level is reached): When the oxygen flow rate is 0.5 ~10L / min, the oxygen concentration is> 90 (V / V)%.
5. Output pressure: 58kPa ± 5kPa.
6. when the nominal outlet pressure is zero, the oxygen concentration and oxygen flow
7. Compressor safety valve release pressure: 250kPa ± 50kPa
8. Machine noise: ≤60dB (A)
9. Power supply: AC110V ± 10V, 50Hz ± 1Hz
10. Input power: 580W
11. Net weight: 23kg
12. Dimensions: 43 × 38 × 72 (cm)
13. Altitude: When the sea level reaches 1828 meters, the oxygen concentration will not be reduced.Efficiency is less than 90% from 1828 meters to 4000 meters.
14. Electrical classification: Class Ⅱ equipment, type B application part
15. Working system: continuous operation
16. Normal working environment:
◊Ambient temperature range: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ ;
◊Relative humidity range: ≤80%;
◊Atmospheric pressure range: 86kPa ~ 106kPa
When the storage and transportation temperature is lower than 5 ℃ , the equipment should be in normal condition before use.
Leave in the working temperature environment for more than four hours.
17. Oxygen outlet temperature: not more than 6 ℃ above ambient temperature.
18. Atomization function
Atomization rate: ≥0.2mL / min
Residual liquid volume: the atomization is over, the liquid in the atomization cup is lower than 2mL
19. Recommendation: The length of the nasal tube cannot exceed 15.2 meters, and it cannot be folded.
20. Security system:Low oxygen flow and low oxygen concentration alarm;
Current overload shutdown, wire disconnection or power failure alarm; 
The compressor is shut down at high temperature, and the system pressure is automatically released when the pressure is overloaded.

Package Includes:
Oxygen concentraror * 1 
Humidifier bottle 1 Set
Connection tube of humidifier bottle 1 Set
Oxygen tube 1 Set
User manual 1 Set


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