Enjoy a consistently high concentration oxygen supply with VT-1. To cater to diverse needs, VT-1 offers two modes: 1. Continuous Mode, which supplies a constant stream of oxygen. In this mode, you can adjust the flow from 1 to 5L/min with a maximum concentration of 90±5%. A higher flow setting will result in a slightly lower concentration. 2. Pulse Mode, which supplies oxygen on detection of the user's breath and maintains a steady concentration of 90±5%. You can set the flow rate from levels 1-6. On levels 1-5, if no inhalation is detected for 6 seconds, it will automatically switch to auto oxygen supply every 3 seconds. And on level 6, it will automatically deliver oxygen at a higher frequency of about every 1.5 seconds. You can switch between the two modes at any time to cater to your personal oxygen needs. Usually, we recommend using the continuous mode for the best breathing experience when the machine is on AC/DC power in the car or at home. When the machine is running on batteries, we suggest using pulse mode for a longer use time. Just try both modes and find out which works best for you.

VARON VT-1 Highlights

In-Car Oxygen Support 

VT-1 is VARON's latest In-Car Supplemental Oxygen system, designed to enhance your travel experience with its portability, advanced dual oxygen supply modes, and hassle-free operation. Say goodbye to bulky oxygen tanks and inverter issues - Just plug in the included car power cable for continuous oxygen support during your journeys. It also supports convenient outdoor and home use with external batteries or AC adapter (sold separately).

Convenient Oxygen Support for High-Altitude Travel 

The VT-1 In-Car Oxygen system is suitable for high altitudes up to 6562 ft, making it an excellent choice for individuals traveling to mountainous or high-altitude regions. Whether you're planning a trip to a plateau or mountainous area, the VT-1 can provide essential supplemental oxygen support to help mitigate the effects of altitude sickness and ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

Smart Touch Control Panel

VT-1 oxygen concentrator features a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate for all ages. The large touch buttons and a 15° tilted screen angle aim for better visibility when you use it in your car. You can personalize your oxygen therapy duration with the auto-shutdown timer, which offers nine options from 0 to 240 minutes. The machine also operates quietly with low noise levels, reaching a maximum of 58 dB, which will not disturb or distract you during driving or taking a rest in the car. Moreover, to address the poor road air quality problem faced by many drivers.

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How do I power the VT-1 in my car?

You can easily power the VT-1 in your car by using the included car power cable, which is compatible with vehicles with 12V ignite ports, such as sedans and SUVs.

Can I use the VT-1 in my home or outdoors?

Yes, VT-1 supports convenient outdoor and home use with external batteries or an AC adapter (sold separately), making it versatile for various settings.

What are the dual oxygen delivery modes of the VT-1? 

The VT-1 offers two modes: Continuous Mode, which supplies a constant stream of oxygen, and Pulse Mode, which supplies oxygen on detection of the user's breath and maintains a steady concentration of 90±5%.

Is the VT-1 compatible with all vehicle types?

The VT-1 is compatible with 99% of vehicles that have 12V ignite ports, such as sedans and SUVs. It's important to ensure your vehicle has this type of port for powering the VT-1.

The Story Behind the Creation of VT-1

The concept for the VT-1 in-car supplemental oxygen system originated from a poignant experience encountered by our lead developer, Dr. Jonathan Williams. During a family road trip through challenging mountainous terrain, Dr. Williams witnessed firsthand the distressing effects of high altitude on a family member who struggled with breathing difficulties. The unavailability of immediate access to oxygen support within the vehicle underscored the critical need for a practical and effective solution to address oxygen requirements during travel.

This real-life scenario served as the catalyst for the development of the VT-1, inspiring our team to design a compact, user-friendly, and technologically advanced solution to ensure continuous oxygen support during journeys. The goal was to create a product that would alleviate the challenges and uncertainties faced by individuals with respiratory conditions or those susceptible to altitude-related discomfort. By offering dual oxygen supply modes, portability, and compatibility with various power sources, the VT-1 seeks to empower individuals to travel with confidence, knowing that essential oxygen support is readily available during their adventures. Ultimately, the VT-1 was born out of a commitment to improving the well-being and enhancing the travel experience of those requiring supplemental oxygen on the go.

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