Notice! COPD may be quietly affecting your mood

Data shows that COPD makes it difficult for 16 million Americans with this disease to breathe. While paying attention to COPD treatment, people tend to ignore the impact of COPD on emotions. Perhaps it is lurking next to your emotions, constantly transmitting negative Impact. So you should be more vigilant.

In terms of disease, COPD restricts the airflow of people's breathing, and the disease also develops. Due to the inhalation of harmful gases or particles, the lungs will produce inflammation. This inflammation will affect our brain's emotional control, making people's emotions. In severe cases can lead to depression. During the course of treatment, COPD patients will be treated with drugs. Since most of the drugs are hormones, they will aggravate the production of bad emotions.

In daily life, COPD patients often seldom take the initiative to exercise due to difficulty in breathing. While suffering from the physical torture of the disease, they will also deny themselves in their hearts, and compared with people with normal breathing, they will often feel that their disease is also a drag on family.

But dear, stop these, you are the best, everyone will encounter difficulties, and everyone has their own flaws, big or small, for you and your family, take the initiative to step out and welcome a sunny tomorrow.

You can do it in the following ways:

Communication: Communicate more with family and friends. When you close yourself, bad emotions will come to you. When you communicate with others, what you gain is often the friendliness and affirmation of your friends. I believe you feel it in your daily life

Exercise: Please choose appropriate exercise methods according to your condition, such as walking, jogging, and cycling. During the exercise, you can train your breathing, and at the same time, after the exercise, you will also get a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, which will lead to a good mood

Diet: You need to eat more high-protein foods, which can improve your immunity. After your immunity is improved, your condition and mood will gradually develop in a good direction.

Music therapy: This is a great way to distract and get rid of negative emotions, and it is used by people all over the world. Through music, we can receive the positive energy that music spreads, so the mind is released

Oxygen therapy: Consult a doctor to find the most suitable oxygen therapy machine for you. Oxygen therapy is one of the ways to treat COPD.
Let's get out of the bad mood caused by the disease together!