Breathe Easy with Oxygenvip's Best-Selling Oxygen Concentrators in 2024

Living with a respiratory condition can be challenging. Fortunately, oxygen concentrators offer a reliable and convenient way to manage your oxygen needs and improve your quality of life. If you're considering an oxygen concentrator, Oxygenvip offers a variety of best-selling oxygen concentrators in 2024 to suit your needs at an affordable price of an oxygen concentrators.

In this blog post, we'll explore Oxygenvip's best-selling oxygen concentrators in 2024, highlighting their key features and benefits to help you make an informed decision. Here are our best-selling oxygen concentrators in 2024:

Understanding Oxygen Concentrators

Before diving into specific models, it's important to understand how oxygen concentrators work. These devices take in ambient air, which is about 21% oxygen, and separate the nitrogen from the oxygen. The remaining concentrated oxygen is then delivered to you through nasal cannulas, increasing your oxygen intake and improving your breathing.

Now, let's explore Oxygenvip's best-selling oxygen concentrators in 2024:

1. 5L Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-02: Most Powerful and Versatile

The NT-02 is ideal for active users who require oxygen therapy both at home and during outdoor activities. Designed with portability and comfort in mind, this lightweight and compact oxygen concentrator goes wherever you go.

best-selling oxygen concentrator

Product Specification:

Oxygen Flow: 1-5L/min adjustable
Oxygen Mode:
pulse & 3 seconds steady oxygen supply
Oxygen Concentration: 93% ± 3%
Dimensions(LWH): 7.2*3.6*10.1inches
Net Weight: 4.85lb
Noise: ≤58dB(A)
Battery Last: up to 3.5 hours
Battery Capacity: 92Wh/6.4Ah
Power Supply:
DC 12~16.8V; AC100~240V; 50/60Hz
Input Power: 68W


  • The NT-02 is consistently praised on Trustpilot for its portability and long battery life, making it ideal for active users.
    best-selling oxygen concentrator

    2. 3L/min Portable Oxygen Concentrator NT-05: Most Mobility and Most User-Friendly

    The NT-05 is Oxygenvip's most lightweight 3L continuous flow concentrator, making it ideal for users who prioritize portability and a reliable oxygen supply. This user-friendly model is perfect for maintaining your oxygen levels during daily activities.

    best-selling oxygen concentrator

    Product Specification:

    Oxygen Flow 3L/min
    Oxygen Concentration 30%±2.5%
    Oxygen Mode Continuous
    Item Weight 3.3 lb
    Item Size 9.25*3.94*5.55 (L*W*H) Inches
    Noise Below 52 dba
    Input Voltage
    AC10-240V 50/60Hz DC12-16.8V
    Power Consumption 25W
    Battery Pack Capacity
    2500mah 14.8V, max voltage 16.8V
    Battery Lasting
    Last 2 hours, rechargeable battery
    Four Levels of Timing 20/40/60/120 minutes
    • With a perfect 5-star rating on Trustpilot, the NT-05 is lauded for its user-friendliness and continuous flow, perfect for those who prioritize convenience.
      best-selling oxygen concentrator

      3. Home Oxygen Concentrator NT-04: Most Cost-Effective and the Quiet Powerhouse

      For users who require a powerful and quiet machine for home environments, the NT-04 is the perfect solution. This oxygen concentrator prioritizes comfort and functionality, making it ideal for nighttime use and long-term oxygen therapy.

      best-selling oxygen concentrator


      Product Specification:

      Oxygen Flow Rate: 1-7L/min adjustable
      Oxygen Concentration: 30-93%
      Oxygen Mode: continuous flow
      Product Size(L*W*H): 8.03*8.43*11.02inches
      Net Weight: 10.58lb
      Rated Voltage: AC230V/50Hz; AC110V/60Hz
      Atomization Rate: ≥0.2mL/min
      Operating Mode: 72 hrs continuous work
      Operating Noise: ≤42db
      Electrical Classification: Class II
      • Backed by excellent Trustpilot reviews, the NT-04 is the quietest and most powerful option for home use, featuring a built-in nebulizer and automatic humidification.
        best-selling oxygen concentrator

          FAQ - Buying Guide

          1. How do I choose the right oxygen concentrator?

          The best oxygen concentrator for you depends on your individual needs and lifestyle. Consider the following factors:

          • Portability: If you need an oxygen concentrator for outdoor and travel, a lightweight and portable model like the NT-02 or NT-05 might be ideal.
          • Oxygen flow: The NT-02 offers adjustable pulse flow, while the NT-05 and NT-04 provide continuous flow at various levels.
          • Noise level: If you plan to use the oxygen concentrator at night, a quiet model like the NT-04 is crucial for undisturbed sleep.
          • Additional features: The NT-04 includes a nebulizer for medication delivery and automatic oxygen humidification.

          2. What's included with the oxygen concentrator?

          All Oxygenvip oxygen concentrators come with a complete set of accessories to get you started, including nasal cannulas, filters, and a carrying case (for portable models).

          3. How long does the battery last?

          The battery life of an oxygen concentrator depends on the model and the flow rate setting. Our portable concentrators (NT-02 and NT-05) come with standard batteries and have optional extended-life batteries available for purchase.


          Oxygenvip's best-selling oxygen concentrators cater to a variety of needs and lifestyles. Whether you prioritize portability for an active life, a continuous flow for everyday use, or a quiet and powerful machine for home therapy, there's a model to help you breathe easier. 

          Looking for more information? Visit our website or contact our knowledgeable customer service team to answer questions like the  price of an oxygen concentrators and any questions you may have. We're dedicated to helping you find the perfect oxygen concentrator to improve your respiratory health and quality of life.