Are you still struggling with where to find oxygen?

Due to air pollution and the impact of the working environment, many people's lungs have been injured, so they suffer from lung diseases such as copd. Oxygen, like their partner, cannot be separated for long. How to find fresh oxygen becomes their hot search term.
Searching on the search engine, we will find that there are two main types of oxygen supply equipment on the market, one is an oxygen machine, and the other is an oxygen tank. So how should you choose according to your actual situation? The most important thing is that we should understand the difference between an oxygen machine and an oxygen tank.

  • usage time

Start by thinking about your oxygen time in terms of your disease. Oxygen tanks are much less expensive than oxygen machines, but this can be a pitfall for your choice. If you have a long-term oxygen demand, an oxygen machine is much more cost-effective than an oxygen cylinder. The general oxygen machine can be used for at least 5 years.

  • On the sound:

During the operation of the oxygen machine, a certain amount of noise will be generated. The noise level depends on the machine itself. The general machine noise is 40-55dba. The noise level of a high-quality machine is acceptable to most people, especially when sleeping.
The oxygen tank is almost silent.

  • Working principle

The oxygen concentrator draws in the conventional air in the room and compresses it with a filter and a sieve bed to filter out other gases (including nitrogen) present, and then outputs a high concentration of oxygen. Therefore, the oxygen generator can produce oxygen and no oxygen tank is needed.
The oxygen in the oxygen tank is quickly exhausted. When it is used up, it needs to be inflated or replaced at the corresponding place. Before buying, you need to pay attention to whether there is a place to replace the oxygen tank around you.

  • In volume

Now the oxygen machines on the market are generally small in size, among which the portable machine can be as large as A4 paper, and the position can be changed at will. The only disadvantage is that the home machine needs to be connected to the power supply, and it cannot be used when the power is cut off. Just in case, you can prepare a portable oxygen machine (with its own battery)
Oxygen cylinders are bulky and bulky, and it is very difficult for users without a certain amount of physical strength and time.
Therefore, if you need to use oxygen for a long time, it is recommended that you choose an oxygen concentrator.